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Foreign contestants

Organised by the Royal Amsterdam Boat Club ‘De Hoop’, founded 26 May 1848

How to participate

For further information and subscription please send an e-mail to with the subject: "foreign competitor". Please state your name, date of birth and category you wish to start.

The races are open to rowers of all ages and all standards. Elites, Juniors, Seniors and Masters compete at the same day.

A processional regatta for single sculls first held in 1951. The race takes the 7.5 km championship course from the lovely old village Ouderkerk right into the heart of Amsterdam following the challenging bends of the river Amstel.

Previous participants and winners are Jaap Schouten (twice), Olympic medallist Yuri Jaanson and in 2009 Tim Heijbrock who finally beat Jaap Schouten in that race. Marit van Eupen (Beijing gold medalist), is the fastest woman with the time set in 29 minutes and 40,58 seconds in 2008.

Frans Göbel, known as the ‘Emperor of the Amstel’ and who won this race a mere 12 times, personally invites you to take up the challenge and compete in the race!

“It is a classic race that you must want to win. If you do you are exhausted for days, if you don’t you are exhausted as well.”

Cup winners also include: Ronald Florijn (twice Olympic Gold) Diederik Simon, Peter Michael Kolbe, GerritJan Eggenkamp, and Melvin Twellaar (all Olympic medallists)

Entry is easy and provides you with not only a chance to add your name to the long list of glorious winners but with full certainty of taking part in a great weekend of rowing. You will no doubt enjoy the race, the weekend and the very best Amsterdam has to offer in terms of hospitality.

The Twohead has been added to allow oarsmen to compete in the smallest sweep boat. Entries can be made in 2- or 2x. Both regattas have a unique place on the calendar and are truly international events where foreign competitors can expect a very warm welcome.

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